President Buhari And The Cost of Running Government


Kofoworola Ayodeji @Generalkopho

The highly industrious Baba Yemi wakes up every morning thinking how he will struggle to cater for his wife and children in order to fulfill their usual 0-1-0 pattern of feeding (no breakfast, there might be lunch, no dinner). Meanwhile, the story is not different for the brilliant Chioma who is begging to have a better higher education so that her dreams of a great future could come true, but there are no funds and ‘connection’.

What about the very resourceful Adamu who graduated from the university many years ago with excellent grades but yet to be gainfully employed? (Even though he has fantastic business ideas, there is no capital or leverage to take off and build his desired business outfit).

You will agree with me that these depict some of the hardships being faced by tens of millions of Nigerians every day. Poverty at its peak!

It could have…

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